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Read Only Stud Contract


Evolve Bulldogs Read Only Stud Contract


Both parties agree that the Evolve Bulldogs name will not be used in the sell of the puppies of their dam. The STUD DOG name can be used as the name of the sire only. The puppies produced by this dam are the property of the bitch owner and are not puppies belonging to Evolve Bulldogs and will not be sold as Evolve Bulldogs puppies with the exception of "Pick Puppy Back Agreements". Pick Puppy Agreements will be noted in the "Other Considerations" portion of the Online Contract. Therefore in all advertising or selling of these pups Dam Owner will not use Evolve Bulldogs as a selling key.

Both parties agree that one live puppy constitutes a litter. Failure to raise the litter does not constitute a repeat breeding. Both parties agree that their own dogs involved in this breeding are in good health and that all shots and worming are up to date before day of breeding to be verified by Veterinarian if necessary.


Our service is to provide you with good quality, live, healthy, motile semen for your use. This is what you are paying for. There is much involved in this process which costs us money, time, and limits the use or our male for others. Conception after live, motile semen is delivered or inseminated is the sole responsibility of the Bitch owner and or your veterinarian. There must be accurate timing, proper procedures, and ovulation with eggs dropped in order for the semen to do it's job.

We provide repeat breedings for $150 per specimen plus shipping expenses. Bitch owner is to notify Stud Dog Owner 10 days before whelping, that the bitch is not bred & is to be due a repeat breeding. Failure to notify STUD DOG owner constitutes a null and void contract. A letter from a certified Veterinarian shall be provided to the STUD DOG owner for proof the bitch is not bred and for records in her file.

If after 1st breeding said bitch does not become pregnant then progesterone testing will be required to detect optimum breeding time for said bitch. This test will be done by a Veterinarian or Stud Owner(fees apply) to detect exact ovulation time at the expense of the bitch owner. If after the 2nd breeding the bitch does not conceive no further specimens will be provided & the stud dog owner will advise bitch owner to have an implant done on the bitch to conceive.

Both parties agree that if the stud dog dies or is not on the premises for breeding or is being used by another bitch at the time of repeat breeding, the Stud Dog owner will have the right to breed to another male of their choice.

Both parties agree that if the bitch changes ownership the stud service will be null and void.

Both parties agree that any and all puppies produced as a result of this breeding cannot be sold or placed in puppy mills or purchased by brokers for the intent of resale of puppies.


Evolve Bulldogs in no way guarantees the quality or health of puppies produced from this breeding. Both parties agree that the genetics, structure, quality, all health issues or problems, etc. are the sole responsibility of the Bitch Owner & that Evolve Bulldogs is in no way responsible for any of the foregoing in any way or manner whatsoever. Evolve Bulldogs certifies that at the time of this contract, to the best of their knowledge, there are no major health or genetic issues with the Stud Dog herein & that this breeding does not constitute an inbreeding.


The owner of the Stud and the Bitch owner agree to the Payment of the posted stud fee for stud used for 2 inseminations or specimens. This amount must be paid by Evolve Bulldogs accepted Payment Options as of the signing of this contract & BEFORE the first insemination or shipment.

In shipment of Cooled Semen all Shipping charges are to be paid by Bitch Owner with the Stud Service Payment, unless it is an All Inclusive service.

Herein: This contract will be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio and the county of Stark and the city of Canton, Ohio. All mediations, litigations or law suits will be conducted in the county of Stark in the state of Ohio and the city of Canton. This Constitutes the complete contract between both parties of said STUD DOG and BITCH in question.