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Evolve Bulldogs/Jackie Evans

Below is the bill of sale/guarantee that is given with all bulldog puppies. Jackie Evans makes every effort to insure that you receive a healthy bulldog puppy. If you have any questions about the bill of sale/guarantee please contact me for more info. This pup is sold as a PET QUALITY only unless stated other wise. No promises are made on any show or breeding abilitites. Pup must taken to a licensed veterinarian within 3 business days of this signed contract.Jackie Evans must be notified immediately by the veterinarian of any problems. A written veterinarian statement identifying the problem must accompany the return of the the puppy & all AKC paper work & health records. Our veterinarian will confirm any problems. If your puppy does not get a clean health check from out vet or the purchaser's vet,a exchange will be granted on the puppy. If no puppy is available at that time, soon as one comes available I will give another pup of same quality.No money is refunded. Failure to have puppy examined by a veterinrian within the stated time from purchase date, or any evidence of abuse, neglect or mishandling of the puppy will automatically release Jackie Evans from the responsibilty regarding the puppy. This guarantee is only subject to the customer that purchased the puppy from Jackie Evans. The guarantee does not transfer to a third party.All my puppies have their first shots and are wormed. Every puppy carries a comprehensive health guarantee which covers anything genetic that might cause them to die or be euthanized up to 1 year of age. Conditions considered treatable and/or temporary are not covered. Upon receipt of signed documentation from the attending veterinarian, a replacement puppy will be provided as soon as one is available. I reserve the right to a second opinion at the buyer’s expense. I am not a puppy mill and do not have puppies available year round. It may take time for a replacement If this pup dies within 1 year of age buyer is aware a Necropsy has to be performed to have dog replaced, Buyer is responsible for this expense. Jackie Evans will not be liable for ANY verterinarian bills incurred by the purchaser of the puppy.I understand and was informed by Jackie Evans that the Bulldog breeds are a high maintenance breed and they require more care than other breeds. I was also informed that the Bulldog breed is notorious for developing problems that may show up in the future such as hips, knee, joint problems, skin problems, leaking eyes, cherry eyes, entropion and breathing difficulties.

I understand the health guarantee and agree to these terms as stated.

Name:_________________________ phone#______________________________



AKC #:_____________________Male:___Female:___FullReg:______LimitedReg:________




Balance:__________ Date of Birth:_______________ Delivery date:________________

* with this deposit, the puppy described above will be held until delivery date. For no reason will

the deposit be refunded unless the puppy does not receive a clean health check from our vet.

If the balance can not be paid, on the date of delivery, the puppy will be sold to another buyer

and the deposit will be forfeited unless prior arrangements are made.

Buyer:___________________________________ Date:___________________

Seller: ___________________________________ Date:___________________